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Mattress warmers for those who like to sleep well

Get the perfect nights rest with your very own mattress warmer.

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Many Sizes

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Multiple Settings

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Radiant Heat

Tired Of Being
Cold At Night?

If you sleep without a warmer, your body has to produce all the heat, Talk about the opposite of luxury and comfort!

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We know what it’s like to wake up tired.

No one should have to be miserable all day
because they were cold all night

Safe Design

EFT Rated. We always prioritize your family’s safety and yours.


Save money by lowering your house heater, but sleep warm and cozy


Dial in your perfect comfort level, or make changes as frequently as you want.

“The number is for those people that throw away the directions without taking down the number for the company. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and hurt constantly.”

“Been using an Electrowarmth bed warmer in one model or another for about 30 years; got first one for our camper. Then got another one for our home. Have found this bed warmer to be reliable and have recommended it ”

“I have had several of these warmers over the years. recently just using an electric blanket. it wore out.and the wires were really big. I like this because,,, the wires are small.”

“I have only had this one a week but so far it is by far the best one yet. I don't feel the wires which is a big plus. It is so comfortable.”

“Where has this product been all my life?!?! Single zone heating means I like to keep the thermostat low. For years we have used space heaters but they tend to dry out my skin.”

The Electrowarmth “Rest Well” Plan

Transform your mattreass into a dream in 3 easy steps...

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Select the right
size mattress

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Put them on
every bed

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Rest well and wake
up refreshed!

Get your deep sleep on

Forget those restless nights on your cold mattress, sleep cozy
and warm so you can wake up rested and refreshed