Everyone has different reasons for wanting to use an electric warming blanket. Some will want to use one to keep their bed warmer in the winter; others will think that it will help to lower heating bills. No matter what your reason for using an electric blanket, you need to look at different options. You need to consider how efficient as well as how comfortable the blanket is. Is this something you will want to sleep under every night, or will you try it and then be discouraged for the rest of the winter?

An electric warming blanket can be very helpful in a number of ways.

The biggest is that it can help to lower your heating bills. This is true because as opposed to heating your entire home, you are only heating the isolated area of your bed. Then you will be able to reduce your bill by keeping the thermostat lower at night. It is said you can reduce your energy bill by 1% for every degree lower you set it during the winter. This can add up depending on how much you lower it when using an electric blanket.

However you also need to consider efficiency in an electric warming blanket. You may not be saving as much as you can by using an electric blanket. This is because you are losing a lot of the heat that is produced by the blanket because it is simply rising to your ceiling. Since there is nothing absorbing the heat on the one side of the blanket it has nowhere to go but up. One option you may want to consider is an electric bed heater. This is similar to an electric blanket, but functions more in the fashion of a mattress pad. This is a device that has fitted corners to put over your mattress and heats you from the bottom to top as opposed from the top down. This device made by ElectroWarmth is very efficient and much more comfortable than a traditional electric warming blanket. This type of heater will also not provide the bulk you will encounter with an electric blanket. Another feature making the bed warmer more attractive is the fact that you will not feel the wires and will not need to wash it very often, as it will be under your sheet. In either case look at the different options and consider which will work best for you.