If you are considering the option to buy electric blanket products, do not do so.  The fact is, these blankets often do not provide you with the same level of comfort and warmth that you may be looking for and expect to find. Newer products are safer than those from decades ago, but that does not mean an electric blanket is the best product on the market for your particular needs. In fact, you may want to consider an electric warming mattress pad instead. You may be curious as to why one is better than the other.

Benefits of Electric Warming Mattress Pad

There are a few reasons why a mattress pad is better than the blanket you are considering purchasing. In many cases, you will find that both options do work in a similar way. Both do produce warmth that you can feel. You can adjust the temperatures are most models of both warming options, too. More so, when you buy electric blanket or mattress pads, you can count on these products being safe to use. Those facts are outstanding and they are true for both products.

But, there are reasons why a mattress pad has the advantage over the blanket. In short, you will use less electricity to keep warm.  In addition to that, you will also be able to save money using these mattress pads, something that is more difficult to do with a blanket. Take a look at these benefits:

  • The electric warming mattress pad heats from the bottom up, meaning that your body absorbs all of that warmth. Nothing is lost towards the ceiling as it is with a blanket.
  • You can reduce your thermostat at night with the mattress pad and be able to save money on your electric bills. Some experts say that reducing the temperature by six degrees could cut up to 15 percent off your heating bill.
  • The electric blanket is often heavy and uncomfortable to use. That is not the case with the warming mattress pad. You will not feel wires and you are unlikely to even know it is there until you change your sheets.

One of the best companies to get an electric warming mattress pad from is ElectroWarmth. Check out their products before you buy electric blanket products. You will find that the range of options makes it easy to find just the right mattress pad for your needs. And, the benefits of a mattress pad outweigh the benefits of any blanket.