Do you have a pillow top mattress pad in place on your bed? If so, you may need to replace it. This mattress pad can work well for a certain amount of time, but after it is worn, replacing it will give you a better level of comfort at night. For mattresses that have a pillow top, or an extra few inches of added material that makes the bed softer, it can be harder to find a mattress pad to fit the bed properly. However, once you do, you will see a change in the level of comfort you experience when sleeping.

When to Make the Change

You will likely know when to replace a pillow top mattress pad because it is worn out. Here are some signs that may be able to provide you with some guidance on when it is time for a new one.

  • If the mattress pad has obvious signs of damage, such as rips or tears in it, replacing it is a good idea. This type of damage does not allow for the mattress pad to do its job any longer and therefore it is less worthwhile to keep it on your bed.
  • If there is any water damage to the mattress pad, change it out. A mattress pad like this often has no waterproofing protection. This means that water can easily pass from the sheets, through the mattress pad and into the pillow top mattress. This may be difficult to dry and can become a mold problem very quickly. Be sure to look for mattress covers that can be laundered properly, too.
  • If the mattress pad is simply no longer providing you with any comfort, change it out. This pad is supposed to add a bit of cushion to the bed while also protecting the mattress from any wear and tear. If it is not doing that, change it out.

If you are ready to replace your pillow top mattress pad, consider upgrading to a warming heating pad, one that emits warmth into the bed as you sleep at night. This type of addition to any bedroom is worthwhile. The products manufactured by ElectroWarmth are some of the best on the market. Purchase them and place on top of your mattress. You will find that this is an easy way to relax your muscles, warm yourself on a cold night and to help protect your mattress as well