The Wall Street Journal

For perfect sleeping, some say, you need heat on the bottom. Electric bed warmers generate strong sales, warm praise by customers. By Philip Revzin, Staff reporter of The Wall Street Journal. For anyone who thinks the sleeper’s millennium arrived with the invention of the electric blanket, some folks out here have news: The real millennium arrives, they say, when you discover the heated mattress pad.

These bed warmers, you may be relieved to learn, aren’t the cast-iron-and-hot-coals antiques that toasted (and sometimes roasted) 19th century tootsies. They are spiffy electrical gadgets that resemble electric blankets. They differ from electric blankets mainly in that bed warmers go under sleepers, while electric blankets go over sleepers.

That difference is crucial, devotees of warmed bottoms say. Why? The reason as presented by the General Motors of the heated mattress pad industry, ElectroWarmth®:

Since heat rises, the heated mattress pad applies more heat, more evenly, to the sleeper because it is under him. Less heat is dissipated into the air, because the heat also is trapped by a light blanket over the sleeper. Thus the heated mattress pad needs substantially less than half the electricity used by an electric blanket.