If you are using a low voltage electric blanket, it may be time to consider something different.  These blankets are quite common for those who need a way to stay warm on the road, such as in their truck or in an RV. They are also ideal for those who are staying warm on board a boat. The problem with them, though, is that they often do not produce enough heat. Many of them drain the vehicle of their battery too. And, the overall benefit of using them is lessened when you have to keep replacing them. The good news is that there is a better option out there.

Rather than using low voltage electric blanket products for these needs, consider the benefits of using a low voltage mattress pad. There are products available through ElectroWarmth that are ideal investments for those that will use them in a bunk such as those found in an RV, in a boat or even in a trailer truck. You can turn off your engine and still stay warm as you sleep on the road. These mattress pads are readily available and they are the ideal way to stay warm while keeping your eye on the cost of fuel.

  • The low voltage electric blanket uses more electricity than the warming mattress pad will. You can count on reducing your overall heating costs when you use these products. That is because you can turn off your engine and plug these into the lighter to use them. It is that simple and you do not have to idle to stay warm.
  • The warming mattress pad heats you from the bottom up. This means that all of the heat emitted from the system is being used by you to remain warm. By contrast, an electric blanket allows the heat to escape to the ceiling. No matter how you use it, you will be losing a significant amount of that warmth.
  • The low voltage electric warming pad is a good investment. These are highly affordable and long lasting. It is unlikely you will need to replace them, but most come with a warranty for at least a year. After that time, companies such as ElectroWarmth are happy to continue to service them for you.

When you take into consideration all of these factors, it is clearly easy to see the value in a warming mattress pad. While that low voltage electric blanket is unlikely to fit your bunk well, you can count on mattress pads from ElectroWarmth fitting just right.