A dual electric blanket is a great option to consider if you are sharing a bed with someone and you are both looking to sleep in different climates. In other words, this type of electric blanket is able to be set at different settings for each side. This can create quite a comfort zone as well as make people happy who are sharing blankets and a bed. However there are drawbacks as well as benefits to consider when you are looking at this type of blanket for your bed.

Of course, being able to control the temperature on your side of the bed is a great benefit. You also will not need to go and purchase multiple electric blankets to use for one bed. This type of blanket is divided into two different zones so as to create a dual electric blanket. This would not only save on blanket buying but it can also help reduce heating costs as well.

There are drawbacks to look at as well. One major drawback with a dual electric blanket is the extra bulk that it creates on top of your bed. This is because with an electric blanket it is almost as if you are getting two blankets in one. Not only do you have two blankets sewn together, but you have the wires that are running through the blankets as well to deal with. This is not an easy or light combination. This makes the blanket not only bulky and heavy, but it can be uncomfortable as well as you will in many cases feel the wires when the blanket is on you.

One thing you will want to consider is an electric bed heater. The ElectroWarmth Company offers a wide range of options for you to consider in bed warming. Here you will also be able to set two different temperatures for your bed and you will also be able to do so from the bottom up as opposed to top down. This means you will be using the energy produced more efficiently. This is because heat works better from the bottom up, as heat rises. So, not only will you have a more efficient bed with an electric bed heater, but it will be more comfortable as well with less bulk. You will also not feel the wires as you would in a dual electric blanket. Consider these and other things when deciding which will work best for your bed.