At Electro Warmth, we are dedicated to helping our clients sleep comfortably in their beds through our heated mattress pad. We have been manufacturing our product in various types and sizes since 1939.

Other Products

Products such as electric blankets and other mattress pads are not as safe as the ones we offer. If a wire in a regular electric blanket or mattress pad bends or overheats, the fusible inner insulation melts and the heater wire can make contact with the inner wire core. This may cause the product to malfunction and even injure its user.

Although there are safer electric blankets on the market, they may not be as comfortable as you would want them to be. They are also not the most effective way to warm your bed.

Choose Our Heated Mattress Pad


We always prioritize your family’s safety and yours. That is why we designed the system of our product to automatically turn off in the unlikely event that it malfunctions.

Our product is more efficient in warming your bed compared to electric blankets and other mattress pads. It is designed to be placed on top of your bed, where it can evenly distribute heat to your mattress.

Additionally, our mattress pad is more comfortable to use than other products available on the market. It isn’t as heavy and bulky as an electric blanket, which has heated wires running inside it. You might not even notice our product because it is hidden under your fitted sheet.