A mattress topper is a type of addition to a bed. There are various products on the market, but many of them work in the same way. They add padding to the top of the mattress in an effort to make the bed more comfortable. Some products are able to work better than others are. Each of these products has the goal of enhancing the individual’s ability to sleep and to extend the lifespan of the mattress. However, this may not be the only option available and it may not provide you with the level of comfort you are hoping for.

A mattress topper is a good investment, but it may not be the only option out there. One of the better options is to invest in a heated mattress pad. This product adds more to your experience because it will allow you relax easier and warms the bed just enough to make it more comfortable. Take into consideration the following before making your choice in these products.

  • A topper adds softness to the bed. So does a mattress pad that contains heating elements.
  • A topper may or may not be able to add any firmness to the bed. This is not always going to happen and if you purchase an inexpensive product in the hopes of gaining more support and muscle relaxation, it is unlikely to happen. Those products are more expensive. However, with a heated mattress pad, the heat warms your muscles and helps them to relax naturally.
  • A mattress topper can add a bit of comfort but it will not keep you warm throughout the night. The problem is that these products are unable to heat and that means that you are still left feeling cold and damp in the morning. Those conditions create stiff muscles which are uncomfortable and often times painful.

Not everyone will benefit from a topper, but most people will benefit from a product such as ElectroWarmth’s heated mattress pad. It can accomplish many of the same benefits as your typical topper but it can do more than that. Many people find that the level of sleep quality improves significantly with these heated mattress pads. If you do opt for a mattress topper, be sure it is the highest quality possible. You may want to find a topper that allows warming of the bed, too, since this is a feature that is really hard to beat by other products.