In many cases, a massage table fleece pad is a good investment. It is definitely a comfortable option and it can be an economical choice in many circumstances. However, it may not be the best option available to you to cover your massage table. For commercial use, a fleece product may need to be changed in between meetings with clients and it may wear down easily. In addition to this, it can clump up after some time, making for an uncomfortable place to sit or lay.

But, what other options are there? For those who are looking for something different, consider investing in a massage table pad that is heated. These products work very well and they offer numerous benefits to those that use them. Take a look at a few options if you are ready to give up on purchasing massage table fleece pad products.

  • These products work to generate a soft amount of heat to make the massage table warm and comfortable when the individual lays down. In addition, the soft heat helps the muscles to relax making the process easier.
  • Because the massage table is warmer, it is also likely that the temperature in the rest of the room can be lower. The benefit here is that the person getting the massage is still very comfortable but the person who is giving the massage is not uncomfortable in a hot room.
  • A traditional massage table fleece pad may fit onto the table like a fitted sheet fits on a mattress. The same is true for a heated massage table pad. However, you can easily cover up the pad and still have the same level of comfort as you would with the table itself. The benefit here, of course, is that you can easily change out the coverings without having to wash the pad every time you do so.

There are some people that prefer the massage table fleece pad and that is a good option in those circumstances. However, if you are considering looking for another product that may offer some additional advantages like those listed here, the good news is that there are some affordable and well-respected products on the market to consider. Turn to ElectroWarmth for a number of different products that you can select from to fit all of your warming needs. Best of all, these products are sanitary and affordable at the same time.