If you are in the market for a feather mattress pad, chances are good that you are looking for a product that is easy to use and completely functional. You love the soft feel of the feathers and the warmth that comes from products such as down. Nevertheless, most feather mattress pad products do have some drawbacks that you need to take into consideration. The good news is that you can improve upon these products by simply taking a look at the other options available to you.

Improve on Comfort and Durability

One of the drawbacks of a feather mattress pad is that it is not as durable as other products. If the feathers get wet, the entire mattress pad may smell bad. You may have to have it professionally dry cleaned, too. On the other hand, you may be considering the comfort level of feathers. They are soft, but you can get the same level of softness from one of the heated mattress pads made by ElectroWarmth. These products keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Improve on the Heat

There is no doubt that down products are warm. They are even hot on many occasions. Some people do not like down because of how well it locks in your body heat. The problem with this, even for those that love the warmth, is that there is no way to turn down that heat after they become too warm. In the middle of the night, when you are too hot, the only option you have is to remove some sheets and blankets to cool down. That is not often the route to take when you want a good night’s sleep.

On the other hand, the ElectroWarmth products allow you to remain in control by giving you the ability to control the temperature with numerous settings. You can turn it up or down to fit your needs and change your mind a few minutes later, too. Plus, if you are sharing the bed with someone else, you can easily turn the temperature to a setting that is right for you because your partner can also control his own side of the bed. There are some benefits to feather mattress pad products, but none are as good as the heated mattress pads offered by ElectroWarmth. These are not your standard electrical blanket, but they are a way to increase your level of comfort and give you the ability to control just how warm you want to be at night.