Buying electric mattress pads can be a great investment, but only if you invest in the right type of product for your needs. These mattress pads produce a soft warmth that is both welcoming and comfortable. Unlike a traditional electric blanket, these products are placed under your sheets and you lay on top of them, unlike a blanket you will lay under. The difference in terms of the overall feeling can be impressive.

Nevertheless, you have to choose the best product on the market for you, which may or may not be the least expensive or the most expensive one on the market. The following tips will help you to select the right electric mattress pads for your particular needs.

  1. Look for a product that offers dual controls, especially if you are using the mattress pad on a full size bed or a larger bed. This allows both people in the bed to remain in control of how warm the bed its.
  2. Purchase a mattress pad that is comfortable. One of the drawbacks of some products is that they have lines of wires running through them, which makes them uncomfortable to lay on. You will find quality products that do not have this type of problem.
  3. Consider the product’s warranty. Not all mattress pads carry warranties, but at the very least, you want to see a limited warranty for at least a year on the mattress pad you purchase. This gives you a bit of extra assurance that the product you are buying is worthwhile.
  4. Determine how much energy the product uses. If you invest in a quality product, such as ElectroWarmth mattress pads, you will be able to save significantly on your heating costs because you can lower the thermostat. However, some of the mattress pads on the market cannot provide this benefit and the result is that they end up costing you money.
  5. Be sure that the product can be properly laundered. Although these mattress pads hide underneath the fitted sheets on your bed, they can still be laundered in most cases. Look for those that offer machine washing.

All of these factors play a role in purchasing electric mattress pads. If you are in the market for one, look at several products. Compare them, not just in cost but also by the features they offer. This is the only way to learn which product can provide the best comfort to you.