For those considering electric blanket safety, know that you are not alone. When these blankets were first introduced, they seemed like an outstanding investment. After all, they could easily help people to stay warm throughout the year and they were incredibly handy. For that reason, they often were bought by people on a regular basis. However, the safety of some products is not as high as others. And, unfortunately, there have been problems in the past.

The problems stemming from electric blanket safety often come from not purchasing the right product, not taking care of the product or not getting rid of an old and worn blanket. Here is how you can prevent these problems from affecting you.

  1. Buy a product that is well made and one that is properly inspected. On the label of the blanket or on the packaging, there should be some verification that the product was tested and is safe. In the United States, look for the ETL or UL Listing on the label to know it is safe.
  2. The second problem with electric blanket safety stems from the way that these products are used and taken care of. In short, purchase a product and follow the manufacturer’s directions for caring for the blanket. This means knowing the proper way to wash and dry it. It also means understanding the type of outlet it can be used in safely.
  3. Finally, the third problem is not getting rid of the old and worn products you have in your home. It is quite common for individuals to face problems with blankets that are ripped or beaten up. If the wiring is exposed, do not use it. Any time that the blanket is misused, this could trigger future problems using it. Check the cord and any of the heating elements to ensure they are safe to continue using.

Keep electric blanket safety top of the mind when it comes to using these blankets to keep warm. With the right care, and the right purchase, these can last a long time. If your blanket is ready to be thrown out, though, you may want to consider investing in an electric warming mattress pad instead. This is an easy way to add warmth to your bed at night without having to worry about the safety risks of leaving a blanket on all night. Check out the products available through ElectroWarmth to find out if they are a good option for your particular needs.