An electric bed blanket can be helpful if you are looking to find temporarily relief from a cold night. This is an option to look at as a short term fix to try and make it through a night without turning on the heat. There are different options to consider when you are trying to find the perfect way to keep warm at night without turning up the heat. There are options in electric bed warmers as well as the traditional electric bed blanket that you could use.

One thing to consider when deciding between and electric bed warmer and an electric bed blanket is the bulk you will need to deal with. An electric blanket will have two separate blankets that are put together with the electric wire that runs between them. Consider not only how bulky the blanket will be and how hard it will be to get comfortable under it, you also need to look at efficiency in this as well. An electric blanket will be setting on top of you as opposed to under you. Think about this, heat rises. This means that yes the electric blanket will help to keep you warm, but a lot of the heat will escape as the blanket rests on top of you.

The electric bed blanket will work to help you to stay warm; however an electric bed warmer may be a better option. This is because it is a much more efficient tool to use. It is able to work on your entire bed providing even heat and having the heat go into your body. You do not have to worry about too much heat loss as the heat rises up and into you as you are sleeping and not up and to your ceiling as from an electric bed blanket.

An electric bed blanket will help to save on your heating bill to some degree; however it will not be the most efficient item. An electric bed warmer from Electro Warmth not only helps to reduce your heating bill, but it will do so better than a blanket will. This is because you will not lose as much heat from poor positioning. The bed warmer is made to be as efficient as possible fitting over the mattress to provide even and consistent heat throughout the bed.

Once you are using an electric bed warmer, you will not return to an electric bed blanket.