Buying a cotton/poly mattress pad is a good investment and it can provide you with the type of comfort you are interested in. However, there are many products on the market and several variations of these mattress pads. Before you invest, take the time to learn about several of your options so that you can choose a product that is going to perform as you expect it to. Overall, the use of a mattress pad is necessary to protect the mattress itself and to add a bit more comfort to the bed for those sleeping in it. There can be more to it than that, though.

4 Buying Tips

Those interested in a cotton/poly mattress pad should consider several products on the market. Each one is slightly different than the others. Here are four things to help you to make the decision in which to purchase.

  • Select a product that meets your guidelines in terms of how it functions. Some products are simple: just a cotton mattress pad that is positioned under the fitted sheet of the bed. Others offer heating elements, such as the ElectroWarmth products. These add an extra layer of protection and value for you.
  • Do consider how the pad fits the bed. Size is important, especially since these need to fit snugly under the fitted sheet. Also, look for a pad that actually has its own fitting on the mattress, like a fitted sheet. This will prevent the mattress pad from moving around and bunching up.
  • Select a product that is comfortable and soft. One of the reasons to avoid wool, for example, is that it is simply too rough and uncomfortable. Cotton/poly is the route to take here. It offers softness and will not lump together.
  • Be sure that the cotton/poly mattress pad you select is also easy to care for. Many of these products need to be laundered, but infrequently. Select a product that can be placed in the washing machine and dryer, especially if you want to keep costs lower.

Overall, there are numerous products on the market that can fit these requirements. To learn which ones are the best for your particular needs, check out some of the reviews of the products. And, take the time to research ElectroWarmth’s products. You may find that a cotton/poly mattress pad is not that difficult to invest in and count on for a long time coming.