A heated throw blanket is one of the products you can count on wasting money for you. While you can find numerous products on the market that work well, they are still only providing you with a limited amount of heat and they are often using a significant amount of electricity to heat. That can mean warmth for snuggling on the couch, but avoid using these types of blankets in your bed. They cannot provide the same level of care that a heated mattress pad can offer, for example.

How a Heated Mattress Pad Is Better

There are various reasons why a heated throw blanket is a good investment. You can take it with you from one room to the next and plug it in to use. It does provide warmth. As long as you ensure that the company you purchase it from has taken the appropriate steps to ensure that the design is safe, you do not have to worry about that, either.

Nevertheless, a heated throw blanket may not provide you with the same benefits as a heated mattress pad would. If you are looking for something that will save you money while keeping you warm, this is a better option for you. Here’s why.

When you place a mattress pad like this under your fitted sheet on your bed, and you turn it on, it will softly heat the bed to the temperature you have it set at. You can come back to that controlling device throughout the night and adjust it as you see fit to do so. This keeps you in complete control of the heating and cooling of the mattress pad.

In addition to this, you can turn down your home’s thermostat at night. Be sure that each person in the home has his or her own heated mattress pad in place. Then, lower your home’s temperature by six degrees or so. A six degree drop in the home’s nighttime temperature could lead to as much as a 15 percent decrease in the overall cost of heating your home. That will save you money.

In some cases, a heated throw blanket is a good option. It can definitely provide individuals with the level of warmth they need when they are on the go. However, these use more electricity and often provide only moderate amounts of heat. Avoid them for more permanent situations and instead turn to the heated mattress pad instead. You will like the difference you see.