Are you in the market for a down mattress pad? If so, consider the options other than down that may provide you with more comfort, more warmth and a bit more control over just how warm you get. Down is a wonderful product. It is able to provide you with warmth but it also keeps you comfortable. This unique combination is why so many people have used this product for so many years to keep warm, especially during the winter months. However, there are limitations to down and that is why you may want to trade in your options for a mattress pad that warms instead.

There are many reasons to avoid buying down mattress pad products and instead to consider heated mattress pads instead. However, the top three reasons are listed below.

  1. The biggest reason not to use down is the simplest of them. You do not have control over just how warm you get. In many situations, down can get very warm because this material has such a strong ability to limit what amount of heat gets through. With this product, you have no ability to control the amount of heat you get.
  2. The second reason to avoid a down mattress pad is that it is more difficult to wash than other materials. For example, down often needs to be dry cleaned professionally. That makes caring for it more difficult and it makes it harder to manage overall. You do not have to do that, though.
  3. Yet another reason to avoid down and instead choose a heated mattress pad is that with this option you are likely to spend less and be able to reduce your energy use. Turn down the thermostat on your home and allow the warmth of your bed to keep you warm. The good news is that you and your partner do not have to share the same desire to stay warm. Rather, each of you can control the level of warmth you prefer if you purchase a warming heating pad that offers dual controls.

There are still some reasons to buy down mattress pad products. Many people simply prefer the feel of down. Some want to invest in this ultra comfortable product. For those that want a bit more control, though, avoid the down and turn to the heated mattress pad instead. It may just inspire you to relax in bed more often.