12 Volt Bunk Warmers

Enjoy a great night’s sleep anywhere you stop. 12 volt bunk warming pad goes “on the mattress” under you (heat rises). Plugs into the lighter socket. Pre-warms bunk and gets rid of dampness. Heat soothes and relaxes tired back and legs. Helps lull you to sleep. Keeps you warm all night without idling the engine. No more engine noise, vibration, or exhaust fumes.

Automatic Comfort Control thermostat regulates heat based upon the setting you select (1 – 7). It adjusts the heat in the bunk for any change in cab temperature. As the cab cools, it supplies just the right amount of extra heat to keep you comfortable.

Highly Efficient – the “on the mattress” system with automatic Comfort Control converts 98% of the battery power consumed to heat. Average current usage is about 3 amps. Similar to leaving a few clearance lights on. ElectroWarmth® Bunk Warmers do not cause battery or starting problems.

Save Fuel and Engine Wear – A typical diesel uses a gallon of fuel an hour when idling. With an ElectroWarmth® Bunk Warmer in place, there is no need to idle engine all night to keep warm. Also saves engine wear caused by prolonged idling. Pays for itself in fuel savings alone in less than a week. Most drivers consider the Bunk Warmer one of the best investments they have ever made. It is well worth the cost for the sleeping comfort, but it keeps saving you money night after night, year after year. Saves on motel bills also.

Well Proven in Trucking Fleets – ElectroWarmth® Bunk Warmers have proven themselves to be dependable, durable, and cost effective for fleets such as Schneider National, Star Transfer, TMC, Wal-Mart, and Werner, to name just a few. A better night’s sleep keeps drivers more content and safe.

Avoid Law Violations – Some areas now have ordinances limiting idling.

The manufacturer developed the original “on the mattress” ElectroWarmth® Bed Warmer for home use in 1939, and built the first 12 volt Bunk Warming Pad for trucks 20 years later. The many years of manufacturing experience are important to assure you:

  • A design with plenty of heat capacity
  • Quality construction and Proven Durability
  • An established record in the 12 volt field and well proven in all types of vehicles all over North America and even in Siberia.
  • One year limited warranty with fast factory service if ever needed.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! 30 day money back policy.
  • These basic features are necessary to effectively warm the bunk and keep you comfortable:
  • The on the mattress system puts all the heat in the bed. For maximum efficiency and comfort, the heat needs to be underneath you. Electric blankets are not as effective since they lose half the heat directly into the air.
  • There has to be enough wattage (heat output) for fast warm-up in the coldest weather. ElectroWarmth® has the longest heat reserve available.
  • Automatic Heat Regulation with a variety of settings. ElectroWarmth® comes equipped with the Comfort Control thermostat.