ElectroWarmth Testimonials

Customer Testimonial

“We have used Electrowarmth bed warmers in all of our guest cabins for more than 15 years. They are the best for taking the chill off of a cool evening and, more than that, they ease tired muscles and any aches and pains after a long day on the trail whether on horseback, a day fly fishing on the creek or hiking. For years, my children have fallen fast asleep more quickly after climbing into a warm, toasty Electrowarmth-heated bed. During the cooler months, I turn on their bed warmers before bed and they fall asleep so much faster. The convenience of being adjustable on both sides of a larger bed makes sleeping for couples convenient. Having the warm blanket under you instead of on top, seems to let the heat radiate through you entire body in a much more uniform way. I am a huge fan of open windows at night and the coziness of an Electrowarmth bed warmer is, simply, perfect. I’m sure they have lowered my heat bills because, with a warm bed, we keep our thermostat set much lower. Every household should have one on every. I can’t imagine not sleeping in a warm Electrowarmth bed!”

Margi Schroth” Owner H F Bar Ranch 1301 Rock Creek Road Saddlestring, Wyoming 82840